Salam Hospitality is an innovative company that aspires to be associated with trendsetting concepts. Salam Hospitality combines a unique set of skills, together with intellectual and hands-on leadership, to offer the successful development and management of unique hospitality concepts and brands.


Salam Hospitality was founded in Doha, Qatar in 2008, as the newest addition to Salam International’s bouquet of companies. Salam International embarked on a restructuring initiative to consolidate the various Salam companies into well-optimized sectors, of which Luxury Retail & Hospitality (LR&H) is

a prominent sector.


LR&H gave Salam Hospitality an opportunity to transform into a franchise developer and operator with the objective of complementing LR&H’s existing retail with dining and entertainment options. By developing or acquiring great brands, LR&H has become an attractive and sought-after retail provider.